Bridge Mutual announced collaboration with Binance

The Bridge Mutual company reported this Wednesday, February 24, through its Twitter account, about the collaboration it is carrying out together with the Binance team, being a direct response to the complaints they received from the community about gas rates.

Image on the announcement made by Bridge Mutual on Twitter

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

According to an article posted on the Medium platform, the Bridge Mutual team has been speaking with various divisions of Binance, including its Binance Smart Chain division. “We are working closely with the BSC team to launch Bridge on Binance Smart Chain as soon as possible,” commented the company.

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In his view, this measure was a direct response to community complaints about gas rates; Furthermore, Ethereum-based platforms “basically can’t work because of the current gas price. We will have a BSC version of our platform available and ready to use at the launch of our main product or soon after. “

In addition, the company stressed that the BMI20 token has not yet been generated, so it called on the community to “not be fooled”.

New hires

Bridge Mutual also commented on the growth of the company and the team in general with the recent hires and interviews he has had:

• Executive Assistant – hired.

• Marketing manager – hired.

• Strength Developers – 8 hired, 1 interview.

• Data scientists: interviewing [there are only a few thousand in the world who have the qualifications we are looking for].

• Marketing director: interviews.


According to the company, in total, they have 8 developers working at Bridge Mutual full time. “Our developers are divided into two teams: the main development team (6 developers) led by our CTO Ian Arden; and the Quality Control team (2 developers, soon to be 3) led by one of our developers and leaders, Kiril Ivanov”, he assured.

He added that the QA team will operate independently from the Central Development team and is responsible for auditing, challenging, and testing all code and systems created by the central development team. “Security is a priority for us, we fully understand that being hacked or attacked after launch could jeopardize the entire project,” he said.

Official third-party audits

The company highlighted that the platform and code will be officially submitted for audit on March 8, 2021; while indicating that they have started the onboarding process, so they are ready to start as soon as possible.

Bridge Mutual is working with 2 of the world’s leading smart contract auditing firms: Consensys Diligence and Zokyo.

Centralized exchange listings

Bridge Mutual noted that they have a listing agreement with a top tier exchange signed and in effect and are wrapping up negotiations with a few more top tier exchanges at this time. Furthermore, he indicated that details on these listings will be announced soon.

“Listing in exchanges is a complicated process and different projects reach different agreements with exchanges. In many cases, the projects and their token holders are negatively affected, and only the benefits of the exchange”, he said.

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