Bondly introduced the whitelist club

Bondly presented this Monday, March 21, through its Twitter account, the Bondly whitelist club, the new utility and the opportunities that this brings to its community.

Image about Bondly’s Twitter post

“At Bondly, we are at the forefront of developing new technologies to make the use of blockchain for NFTs and cryptocurrencies safer, more efficient and truly decentralized”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

Profit for $BONDLY Token Stakers

• Rewards committed stakeholders with ongoing benefits.

• Earn curated, valuable, experience based NFTs every month.

• Early access to games, experiences and projects.

Exclusive NFTs from Bondly Partnerships

The company commented that it has recently worked with massive PFP projects such as Tasty Bones, Champions Ascension, and Animoca Brands’ companion project Torque Squad. Our relationships under the Animoca umbrella and beyond provide us with exclusive opportunities that can be passed on to our community.

Similarly, he indicated that the creative team at Bondly has many years of experience with a wide range of 3D modeling and design skills. We now have the ability to build high utility NFTs designed for metaverse ecosystems like The Sandbox and Decentraland.

“We also have access to best-in-class creative guilds to support the development of highly immersive metaverse experiences on projects like High Street, Moonray, Somnium, Solice, WilderWold, and Decentraland. These NFT assets are valuable and would be created exclusively for Whitelist Club participants”, he added.

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How does it work?

The company explained that holders can start earning attractive APR% on $BONDLY and the ability to enter the Whitelist Club simply by staking their ERC-20 based $BONDLY in our $BONDLY staking pool.

After staking your $BONDLY and receiving xBONLDY, you will need to keep it in a single wallet for a required minimum period of 14 days for our first Whitelist Club offer. (See this article for more information on how to wager and receive xBONDLY.)

The amount of xBONDLY held determines the user’s rank: Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze.

In his opinion, each rank has the same nominal probability (%) of winning a spot on the whitelist, however, the higher the rank, the fewer lottery participants will have this rank. Therefore, users in Platinum Rank will have a higher real chance (%) of earning a spot on the whitelist.

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