BNB Chain announced collaboration with Aptos Labs

BNB Chain announced this Monday, March 21, through its Twitter account, its new collaboration with Aptos Labs, whose objective is to bring the first billion users to cryptocurrencies.

Image about BNB Chain post on Twitter

“The BNB Chain developer community is pleased to announce that Aptos, a highly secure and scalable Layer 1 blockchain, will join BNB Chain’s mission to onboard the first 1 billion crypto users into various applications, including social networks, games and more. BNB Chain and Aptos join forces to build a secure, interoperable and unified cross-chain and multi-chain liquidity infrastructure to power mass adoption and provide users with a seamless blockchain experience”, he said through an article published on his website.

The company indicated that the combined efforts of these two L1 blockchains will accelerate technology and business innovation and the development of new large-scale Web2 use cases. They will focus on technology, infrastructure, marketing, community engagement, and supporting and bridging liquidity between the two chains. Last but not least, high-performance EVM standards and innovative use cases, such as SocialFi from Aptos (Social Media) to BNBChain (DeFi), are also high on the to-do list.

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Additionally, the company highlighted that BNB Chain and Aptos will form a security alliance as part of their commitment to security as their number one priority. BNB Chain ecosystem partners will jointly build these two ecosystems; for example, Blockorus, a comprehensive infrastructure and solutions provider for the high-speed blockchain era, will be one of Aptos’ infrastructure partners. The two blockchains will jointly host various events to support the vision, interoperability, and widespread adoption of the Web3 blockchain on a global scale.

“BNB Chain and Aptos will also strengthen each other’s network by launching and operating a full validation node on their partner’s blockchain: Aptos will implement a BNB Chain validator and BNB Chain Dev Community will implement its validator on Aptos”, it added.

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