BitSong Cosmos Multichain Wallet Now Available

BitSong announced this Friday, January 21, through its Twitter account, that the BitSong Cosmos Multichain wallet is now available.

Image about BitSong’s post on Twitter

“BitSong is pleased to inform you that the BitSong Multichain Wallet is now available to all cosmonauts! Multichain Wallet supports operations on the BitSong, Cosmos, Osmosis, Juno, Chihuahua and LikeCoin blockchains. From a single interface, you can now analyze on-chain statistics, perform delegation operations, inspect available proposals, and vote directly on open proposals for any supported blockchain”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that the wallet is written in Typescript using the Vue.js framework and the Quasar component library and allows all users of the Cosmos ecosystem to access multiple chains directly from the same environment. This is the first version of the wallet and we are already working on some initial improvements, while new features are also in the works. These include a native $BTSG ERC-20 to $BTSG Bridge, a feature that allows token holders to open governance proposals from within the wallet, and more to come.

According to the company, currently, it is still possible to access the services provided by the Multichain Wallet directly through the Keplr extension or a public address for an account. But to make it even easier and more user-friendly, we are currently also working on the BitSong Chrome extension and the BitSong app for Ledger (for mobile devices) which will provide simpler and faster access to the ecosystem.

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“Please note that the wallet currently operates on Keplr endpoints for some of the non-BitSong blockchains it supports. So, if you’re having trouble connecting to any of those networks, it’s likely a Keplr issue. We are working on a solution that will allow us to operate the wallet entirely on the BitSong infrastructure, which we hope to implement very soon”, he added.

Similarly, he highlighted that the launch of the Multichain Wallet comes on the heels of the recent announcement about a collaboration with Starname, which allows users to claim a custom *btsg star name that makes sending and receiving $BTSG even easier.

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