Bitcoin is available on Maiar

Beniamin Mincu reported, last Thursday, June 17, through his Twitter account, that Bitcoin is already available on the Maiar platform, which is why, in his opinion, it is the “fastest gateway to the internet of money”.

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“(…) We are pleased to announce that Bitcoin is now available on Maiar! The next billion people who will enter Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be able to do so in seconds, using just a phone”, he said through an article published on the Elrond Network website.

In his view, Bitcoin is the original manifestation of the concept of Internet currency. Its revolutionary property of maintaining a truly decentralized ledger of cryptographically secured transactions has forever changed the way we think about money and value.

However, despite its growing popularity, the company explained that owning Bitcoin in a truly decentralized and non-custodial way has not gotten any easier. The process of generating and protecting a Bitcoin wallet is still too complex for the average internet user.

“Newcomers prefer to use escrow solutions, which means they entrust the storage of their stocks to third parties, a contradiction to the original vision of a truly decentralized Internet currency”, he added.

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“Bitcoin has paved the way for highly secure cryptocurrencies with a strong store of value properties to be accepted in traditional finance, irrevocably establishing the digital asset class. Joining Maiar will accelerate the adoption of our money application and the underlying Elrond blockchain infrastructure”, said Beniamin Mincu, CEO of Elrond Network.

The company highlighted that current Maiar users will be pleased to discover that they have always had a Bitcoin address attached to their @herotag. It has been part of the onboarding process, when a newly created account gets four new wallets in one go: EGLD, BTC, ETH, and BNB.

“From now on, everyone can send, receive and store BTC in a biometrically secure hardware wallet: their Maiar smartphones. Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that new users can get a working Bitcoin and eGold wallet in seconds, with just one phone”, he highlighted.

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