BiShares announced partnership with Moonpot

BiShares announced last Thursday, September 23, through its Twitter account, its new partnership with Moonpot, where, according to the company, savers “become winners”.

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Have you ever bought a ticket to a competition and watched your money just disappear? Did you throw your money into the lottery to rack up your losses? Did you spend a night at the slot machines to come home with a deficit? Well, how about a world where you buy a ticket, lose the competition, and not only get your money back, but you also get more than you put in? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s a reality when it comes to Moonpot, a win-win prize game that shines within our BiShares Game Fund. Backed by the POTS token, Moonpot is already doing incredibly well. As we know? Moonpot was recently selected as one of the Most Valuable Binance Smart Chain or MVBIII Builders! This prestigious title has positioned them as one of the monthly stars of August, providing support and guidance in the development of the project. As it continues to gain ground, this project is one to consider!”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that Moonpot is a platform made up of different “Moonpots” or “pots” for short. These jackpots are essentially like a variety of crypto savings accounts where players can deposit their cryptocurrencies and earn interest. What sets Moonpot apart from any type of normal savings account is that every week, all users of all jackpots participate in weekly risk-free contests for their deposits. We’re not talking about petty rewards either, at all.

In his view, Moonpot’s rewards are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Very little risk, all reward. Why very little? Moonpot recognizes that everything in life carries a certain degree of risk and, in keeping with their focus on trust, they keep it honest.

As can be found on their website, Moonpot lists its values ​​as follows:

1 / SECURITY. This is more important than anything else.

2 / SIMPLICITY. Saving money doesn’t have to be complicated.

3 / OPENING. Everyone should have the freedom to save.

4 / ETHOS WIN-WIN. Nobody needs to lose; everyone can win.

5 / EQUITY. Life isn’t fair, but cryptocurrencies can be.

6 / FUN. Finances shouldn’t be boring.

7 / CONFIDENCE. Good decisions are made when there is no doubt.

“Moonpot emerged as a means of rewarding savers with growth, rather than punishing them with inflation. It is led by Ziggy Moonpot, Captain of the Moonpot Space Program, who launched the project with the backing of Beefy Finance”, he added.

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According to the Moonpot team, their mission is simple: “We are determined to build a future where saving is enjoyable, profitable and open. Where crypto interest rates are people’s first choice. And where our savings jackpots and win-win jackpot game bring financial freedom to everyone. We plan to bring as many people as possible to DeFi. Because decentralization is for everyone”.

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