Bird Money announced partnership with Battle Saga

Bird Money announced this Wednesday, February 16, through its Twitter account, its new association with Battle Saga. According to the company, Bird’s predictive analytics will help Battle Saga optimize the user experience throughout player lifecycles.

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“The core of Bird’s mission is to harness the intersection of blockchain and data to provide multifaceted analytics. We are proud to announce a partnership with another GameFi endemic trendsetter, Battle Saga, which will incorporate Bird’s analytics tools for future-proof solutions”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that Bird has created a proprietary analytics-centric architecture that transforms data into actionable and decision-making information: the best-in-class forecasting product. This helps developers spot patterns in their user base, making it easier for them to come up with practical solutions for finding actionable insights

Redefining Play to Win

In his opinion, Battle Saga is a next generation strategy game inspired by Clash of Clan that features the unique concept of winning without playing. Built on top of the BSC network, it is a futuristic, decentralized NFT game that provides players with De-Fi tools, DAO governance, and most of all, its own metaverse. Gameplay aspects range from NFT heroes, virtual real estate to battle mechanics.

According to the company, Battle Saga aspires to pioneer the gaming industry with its creative innovation and evolution to deliver superior gaming models and experiences. It has collaborated with a myriad of other metaverses, games, and collectibles along the way to reinvigorate blockchain-based gaming economies.

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The Asociation

The company assured that Battle Saga will work hand in hand to offer a gaming platform that guarantees a seamless experience for the thriving metaverse that goes beyond a single chain game.

“Beyond the insights Battle Saga will gain through Bird’s service, game data can be collected to dissect player interactions and individual performance. These insights that are indicative of user behavior will guide the team’s product, marketing, and business decisions to improve game content, monetization, and technical impacts”, he said.

Similarly, he commented that by understanding how players behave, Bird’s predictive analytics will help Battle Saga optimize the user experience throughout player lifecycles. More importantly, discovering high-value players to align with your marketing efforts and future DAO governance is the key to longevity and sustainability in your ecosystem.

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