Binance Smart Chain integrated into Orion Terminal

The Orion protocol reported last Wednesday, March 10, through its Twitter account, that Binance Smart Chain was successfully integrated into Orion Terminal; while commenting that $BTC, $BNB, $ADA, $LTC, $DOT, and various other non-ERC20 tokens have already been added.

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“BSC has now been successfully integrated into Orion Terminal, and users are joining as of today. Before the public launch, broader access will be implemented for those who signed up to access the terminal“, said the company through an article published on its website.

Furthermore, he highlighted that they have added more pairs to the terminal, including BTC, BNB, ADA, LTC, DOT, and various other popular non-ERC20 tokens on BSC. “The development team will continue to add new pairs“, he commented.

In his view, BSC will cut waiting times for the execution of off-chain orders and the settlement of chain orders at the terminal in half, while drastically reducing fees (up to 135x).

“The development team will continue to optimize, develop and improve the terminal prior to the launch of the core network at the end of the quarter. In the meantime, the team continues to work on the implementation of the Elrond blockchain and smart contracts, and other chains will be announced”, he highlighted.

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Business development

In addition to the technological advances the company has made, he also commented on progress at the enterprise level, indicating that they have finalized the fee structure for “one of our most anticipated products”, the Liquidity Boost add-on. According to the company, so far, they have secured more than 11 partners to use this solution at launch, including Polkastarter, MobiePay, PlasmaPay, Fire Protocol, and Glitch Finance.

What does that mean for ORN holders?

Orion highlighted that each of its LBP partners has one thing in common: the need for liquidity for their project to be sustainable. “Our LBP clients are hand-selected and fully vetted as high-quality partners with a focus on user base growth as a key metric of success”, he said.

The company explained that the growth of the user base of its partners “benefits them, us and those interested in ORN”, so it indicated some of those benefits:

• Each transaction made on our partners’ exchanges using Orion liquidity will result in a transaction at the Orion Terminal, which will be paid at regular terminal fees.

• Higher volume on their platforms means more transactions through the LBP.

• More transactions through LBP means more transactions through Orion Terminal.

• More transactions through Orion Terminal = higher wagering rewards.

ORN participation rewards are generated through terminal transactions and will therefore increase along with terminal volume. “Although we intend for the volume of the terminal alone to generate an incredible APY, each transaction through the LBP will bring additional rewards to our brokers and bettors”, he said.

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