Berry Data announced collaboration with Lame Yield

Berry Data announced last Friday, September 3, through its Twitter account, its new collaboration with Lame Yield, to bring more secure data sources to all users. According to the company, Lame Yield is a performance optimization ecosystem build on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Users can create their own Lame Yield tokens and then stake them to earn a decent APY.

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“On September 2, we are pleased to announce that Berry Data and Lame Yield have partnered and will help Lame Yield integrate with Berry Oracle”, he said in an article posted on the Medium platform.

The company explained that Lame Yield is an innovative decentralized yield farming ecosystem associated with Binance Smart Chain. Through a set of different investment strategies applied by smart contracts. LameYield automatically quintuple the rewards for users of various liquidity pools, automated market-making projects, and other opportunities present in the decentralized financial ecosystem. It operates through multiple chains. It is a fast, reliable, efficient and easy-to-use platform.

In addition, he indicated that, at the amount of this association, Berry Data will provide Lame Yield with a stable data source, to provide a better commercial experience to users.

Lame Yield Features

Easy to create your own token

Create your own ERC20 or BEP20 token in less than a minute with the most widely used smart contract generator for ERC20 and BEP20 tokens. No login. No configuration. No coding is required.

Win with your own token

Include your own token on the betting platform and earn high DPY / APY.

APY high on stakes

Lame Yield offers users an APY of 102,200% to compensate it for providing liquidity in the liquidity pools.

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About Berry Data

It is a community verified transparent pricing oracle on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Berry Data provides a trustless, decentralized alternative to off-chain data. Additionally, it provides the infrastructure for decentralized applications to query data off-chain by properly incentivizing miners to provide data.

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