Benchmark will implement Marketplace in Harmony

Benchmark Protocol reported last Thursday, April 1, through its Twitter account, that in addition to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, they will also implement their Harmony Protocol Marketplace.

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“We are delighted to announce that Benchmark Protocol will implement Marketplace on the open Harmony blockchain in addition to Ethereum, further extending the cross-chain utilization of $MARK through $ONE”, he said via an article posted on the Medium platform.

In addition, he indicated that, as a cause for celebration, they will whitelist the $ONE token in the market for p2p loans and loans at launch. “More details will be provided closer to the Marketplace launch during the second quarter”, he noted.

Why Harmony?

The company explained that the value of this implementation will be mutual, as the Reference Protocol seeks to expand the reach of the MARK token to different DeFi communities. Meanwhile, he assured that Harmony is a fast-growing DeFi ecosystem with the “ambitious goal of providing an open consensus for 10 billion people in the future“.

“We believe that the need for a decentralized stablecoin alternative will become more prominent as people around the world continue to embrace decentralized finance over traditional ‘permission’ based finance. Harmony with its revolutionary infrastructure is capturing the talent of many developers who are taking advantage of its high-performance, low-latency, and low-fee consensus blockchain to build their dApps”, he said.

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About Harmony

It is a fully Ethereum-compliant blockchain that allows you to build scalable cross-chain applications.

About Benchmark

As indicated by the company, the protocol is a rule-based offer elastic guarantee utility that adjusts the offer based on volatility indices (VIX) and deviations from the target metric, equal to 1 unit of special drawing rights (SDR).

“Benchmark Marketplace is based on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Harmony blockchain. The MARK token is the native asset on the Benchmark network and only provides the utility value available through the Benchmark network”, he highlighted.

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