“Gnosis Safe was successfully implemented” reported last Thursday, May 27, through its Twitter account, that Gnosis Safe was successfully implemented as a multi-signature security system. “We are one of the first projects in #BSC implementing #GnosisSafe as a multi-signature security system”, said the company on the same social network.

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“We have transferred ownership of BalleMaster, our MasterChef contract, directly to Gnosis Multisig Governance! After launching the platform, we are proud to announce that we have successfully implemented Gnosis Multisig”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

What is a multi-sig wallet?

It is a cryptocurrency wallet that controls access and changes to one or more Smart Contracts. According to the company, is one of the first Binance Smart Chain projects to implement Gnosis Safe. Most community-led projects on the Ethereum network require multiple signatures to ensure everyone’s safety.

In his opinion, as advantages, is the secure storage of digital assets, being controlled by the Community itself. Assets are distributed in different portfolios under very strict protocols, based on our DAO fundamentals.

What is the important?

The company assured that they have successfully transferred ownership of their MasterChef contract to Multi-sig Wallet. “In this way, the most important operations must be signed by 66% of the participants. This makes it difficult to carry out illegal actions and makes it impossible to carry out substantial modifications without the required signatures”, he added.

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It is a performance optimizer that automates investment strategies in the DeFi ecosystem. BALLE is the native governance token. Its maximum supply is 40,000 and no further minting is possible. We are not a farm, betting BALLE tokens in the governance pool will give you income from the lifetime of the platform + you will be able to vote on DAO proposals.

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