Babylon Finance announced integration with Picle Finance

Babylon Finance announced this Thursday, March 17, through its Twitter account, its integration with Pickle Finance.

Image about Babylon’s Twitter post

“We are working tirelessly to provide our DeFi investment clubs with all the building blocks needed to build wealth together. In the last two months, we’ve renewed support for Curve, Convex, and Yearn, supporting 42 Curve Pools, 38+ Convex Pools, and 50+ Yearn Vaults, and added support for Stakewise and our Fuse Lending and Borrowing markets. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our integration with Pickle, one of the leading yield farming platforms on Ethereum”, he said in an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that in Pickle, users first deposit assets into a Jar, then the protocol automatically deposits them into yield farms and combines user rewards saving time and gas for users. Pickle is one of the top yield aggregators with over $42 million in TVL.

Similarly, he detailed that now, the gardens of Babylon can create strategies that take advantage of pickle jars to offer even greater capital efficiency and reduced gas costs. A pickle strategy can serve hundreds of garden members at once, dividing gasoline costs and increasing capital efficiency.

In his opinion, a Babylon strategy can enter an LP position in Sushi, UniswapV2 or Curve and then bet the LP chips in the Jar.

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Jar list

The following 22 flasks are now available in Babylon:

• USDC Jar — 0xEB801AB73E9A2A482aA48CaCA13B1954028F4c94

• Yearn USDC Jar — 0xEB801AB73E9A2A482aA48CaCA13B1954028F4c94

• pCurve sCRV Jar — 0x68d14d66B2B0d6E157c06Dc8Fefa3D8ba0e66a89

• pCurve REN/BTC Jar — 0x2E35392F4c36EBa7eCAFE4de34199b2373Af22ec

• pCurve 3pool Jar — 0x1BB74b5DdC1f4fC91D6f9E7906cf68bc93538e33

• pCurve ETH/steth jar — 0x77C8A58D940a322Aea02dBc8EE4A30350D4239AD

• Sushi DAI/ETH Jar — 0x55282dA27a3a02ffe599f6D11314D239dAC89135

• USDC/ETH Sushi Jar — 0x8c2D16B7F6D3F989eb4878EcF13D695A7d504E43

• USDT/ETH Sushi Jar — 0xa7a37aE5Cb163a3147DE83F15e15D8E5f94D6bCE

• Sushi Jar WBTC/ETH — 0xde74b6c547bd574c3527316a2eE30cd8F6041525

• YFI/ETH Sushi Jar — 0x3261D9408604CC8607b687980D40135aFA26FfED

• Sushi CLC/ETH Jar — 0xDCfAE44244B3fABb5b351b01Dc9f050E589cF24F

• jar pYearn LUSD/3CRV — 0x4fFe73Cf2EEf5E8C8E0E10160bCe440a029166D2

• FRAX/3CRV pYearn Jar — 0x729C6248f9B1Ce62B3d5e31D4eE7EE95cAB32dfD

• pYearn Iron Bank Jar — 0x4E9806345fb39FFebd70A01f177A675805019ba8

• pCurve MIM/3CRV Jar — 0x1Bf62aCb8603Ef7F3A0DFAF79b25202fe1FAEE06

• pSushi SPELL/ETH Jar — 0xdB84a6A48881545E8595218b7a2A3c9bd28498aE

• pSushi MIM/ETH jar — 0x993f35FaF4AEA39e1dfF28f45098429E0c87126C

• pCurve cvxCRV/CRV Jar — 0xF1478A8387C449c55708a3ec11c143c35daf5E74

• pCurve CRV/ETH Jar — 0x1c5Dbb5d9864738e84c126782460C18828859648

• pCurve CVX/ETH Jar — 0xc97f3fd224d90609831a2B74b46642aC43afE5ee

• pUniv2 LOOKS/ETH Jar — 0x69CC22B240bdcDf4A33c7B3D04a660D4cF714370

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