ARCx presented Score Builder: configurable chain system

ARCx presented on Thursday, October 28, through its Twitter account, Score Builder, a configurable chain system that allows rapid development of scores on the ARCx infrastructure at scale.

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“As mentioned, Score Builder is a system to quickly design and implement scores on the ARCx infrastructure at scale. The scores themselves are highly configurable, which means that any event or attribute in the string can be used to define the parameters. The flexibility of Score Builder means that a score, which could represent anything that we (or our associated protocols) want, can be created and implemented on the Mainnet in a matter of hours”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that Score Builder is a foundational capability that simultaneously unlocks the short-tail (i.e., native) and long-tail (i.e., protocol-specific) opportunity.

According to the company, native scores are created by ARCx and can be accessed by passport and protocol holders out of the box. These scores are general utilities that take full advantage of our advanced risk and data modeling capabilities, including upcoming global governance, trust and credit scores. The pervasive nature of Native Scores is a short-tail opportunity, which we believe ARCx is uniquely positioned to drive development on behalf of the industry.

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Protocol specific scores, on the other hand, are developed in association with individual protocols and delivered in specific use cases based on your needs. One of the key ideas that led us to create Score Builder is that each protocol has a unique and specific goal that they want to achieve with the scores. The personalized nature of protocol-specific scores is a long-tail opportunity, but we find it very valuable.

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