ApeSwap teams up with Prashant Pal

ApeSwap reported last Friday, July 9, through its Twitter account, that Apes Unite are joining forces with Prashant Pal. According to the company, Prashant Pal has played a “huge” role in the ApeSwap community and needs “our help to continue his education”.

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“You’ve probably seen our beloved ape from the “Prashant Pal”community perusing Telegram and Twitter, moderating, spreading cheer, and fighting FUD! But behind his relentless optimism and good wishes for others, a lot is happening”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.


The company explained that Prashant’s father has been a small business owner in the engineering field for about 18 years, essentially dedicating his life to this profession and business. All of that came to a halt recently due to a series of mental health issues that eroded the family his father faced, along with COVID rendering his business essentially useless and his help unwanted.

“Beyond the interpersonal and business impacts, this has caused some financial difficulties for Prashant’s family. When I ask Prashant about the extent of the impacts, I can assure you that they are deep enough to justify a BANANA campaign, but he requested that we not give ourselves more details publicly”, he added.

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Similarly, he noted that an additional consequence of this situation, and what this BANANA campaign is about, is that Prashant has been forced to put on hold his college education and his dreams of becoming an engineer himself.

As a result, the company indicated that its goal is to raise at least $2,000 so that Prashant can continue his education over the next semester and continue working to help his family recover.

How can apes help?

According to the company, Prashant has been with the ape community since day one, staying positive and upbeat regardless of circumstances, price, and any other factors. Here’s how users can help:

• For a period of 3 days, we open a donation address (0xE93f3305c15EF48Df8efB40f3206F29905bDce76) where community members can send BANANA (BNB and other BEP-20 tokens are also accepted). We will start the campaign with some seed money.

• At the end of the period, 90% of the amount collected is sent directly to the recipient of the unit. After the donation occurs, Prashant will provide a registration receipt so the community can be sure they went to the right place.

• 10% of the amount collected is kept and is wagered in the long term. This BANANA will be wagered and the interest earned will be used to give back to the community in other ways (we’ve heard stories about cancer treatments, typhoon victims, etc., which might need a little help).

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