ApeSwap: “NFA #8 will arrive next June 12”

ApeSwap announced last Thursday, June 10, through its Twitter account, that release #8 of the NFA will arrive on June 12 at 22:00 UTC on NFTKEY. According to the company, only 100 NFAs are removed at each launch; the last batch sold out in 2 minutes.

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“Apes, DeFi’s hot summer is heating up! It is time for another #NFA release! The next set of 100 non-expendable apes will be available next Saturday, June 12 at 22:00 UTC on NFTKEY!”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

NFA version #8

The company shared some tips about this new version, among which the following stand out:

• When the sale goes live at 22:00 UTC on June 12, all resale apes will be hidden and only official ApeSwap NFA # 750– # 851 will be available for purchase

• Stay on the NFTKEY home page for the best chance of landing an ape. If you try to open individual ape pages, you could easily get lost!

• We have had MANY very active buyers and sellers in the secondary market, which have already generated thousands of NFA transactions. If you could not get one during the sale, you can always check out NFTKEY!

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Additional Information

On the other hand, ApeSwap reported on some highlights from the last week:

• To continue our #HotDeFiSummer celebration, we are starting the Weekly Non-Fungible Ape Holder Reward Drawing! Every Saturday (remember, Saturdayz are for the NFA).

• We added the NFA cascading bot to our Telegram, giving members an immediate detailed breakdown of any sale by name, number, level, and sale price.

• We just announced a $20,000 AirDrop HiFi to all NFA holders after IAO 005 with HiFi Retro DeFi Games.

• Janos (@JanosCrypto in TG) joined the team as our NFA team as the Public Services Leader.

• One of our dedicated apes (@Karlordd on Twitter) created an amazing new platform to track sales history and other NFA data.

• Behind the scenes, we are working on many new partnerships and collaborations for NFA and NFA holders, and we cannot wait to share more!

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