Alpha Finance Lab overview and upcoming updates

Alpha Finance Lab shared on February 11 through its Twitter account a summary of the events of the company during the month of January and, in addition, a preview of what they are working on and what is coming in the Alpha ecosystem.

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The company assured that the month of January and the first weeks of February have been working on various updates to incorporate into Alpha V2:

Alpha Homora

  • Alpha Homora V2 was announced and released.
  • The total value locked in Alpha Homora V1 + V2 has grown from $ 188 million on January 1, 2021 to more than $1 billion today.
  • The process of migration from Alpha Homora V1 to Alpha Homora V2 began.


Tokenomics ALPHA

  • Design and implementation of ALPHA tokenomics.

Alpha Finance Lab Project

  • Coverage of various media and AMA.
  • They welcomed Delphi Digital as their investor.


  • They welcomed more partners to the Alpha ecosystem.

Regarding the new projects that it is working on to look to the future, the company highlighted three of them:

Alpha Homora V2: Expects to add more leveraged groups, loan assets and partners in Alpha Homora V2. Alpha Homora V2 will continue to establish itself as the leveraged performance agriculture and lending protocol on DeFi.

AlphaX: Based on the data they have received from the 2 rounds of private testnet, they are evaluating and tuning parameters in AlphaX for maximum security, scalability, and ease of use. In addition, they are working to launch the AlphaX public testnet.

Tokenomics ALPHA: The Alpha team is currently rolling out the technical details, so they look forward to sharing more details with their community about the tokenomics structure they have created.

About Alpha Finance Labs

It is an ecosystem of DeFi products that interact to maximize returns and minimize downside risks for users. Each Alpha product is focused on capturing unmet demand in DeFi in an innovative and easy-to-use way, as explained by the company through the Medium platform.


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