Network announced raising $10 million Network announced this Thursday, January 20, through its Twitter account, the raising of $10 million with Stratos Technologies at the head of the round.

Image about the Network post on Twitter, a decentralized cross-chain computing and storage network, today announced the completion of its $10 million funding round. The rise was led by Stratos Technologies and is supported by Zeeprime, NOIA Capital, Theia, Bitfwd Capital, Ellipti, Incuba Alpha, RareStone, TRGC, Winkrypto, NZVC, Token Ventures, Seven Capital, Chris McCann, and Owen Simonin., and will propel towards realizing its ultimate mission of providing fully decentralized computing power and censorship-resistant data storage that eliminates the need for any centralized entity or control. January marks the beginning of’s deployment of its first computing resource nodes that will eventually carry most of the decentralized network’s processing power”, he said in an article published on the Medium platform.

According to the company, so far, the computing power of the virtual machine has been powered by approximately 70 central channel nodes, but the recent funding round will ensure that the minimum wage payments, rewarded in ALEPH, are available. for more than 150 compute node operators, an effort that will result in a truly distributed virtual machine network and ultimately enable full stack decentralization for key blockchain and dApp developers.

“This round of financing is a key piece to execute our broader vision of”, explains the founder of, Jonathan Schemoul, also highlighting that the immediate launch of the network’s computing nodes, “this year it will also bring the activation of storage nodes, which means that the network will be capable of both decentralized processing and decentralized storage. This will allow web 3 developers, Dapps and protocols to fully decentralize down to the very last piece of their development stack”.

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The company explained that throughout 2021, Aleph has become the go-to solution for some of the industry’s leading DeFi protocols and solutions, including facilitating Solana’s app indexing, which is currently supported by Serum, Raydium, Saber and others. As a technology partner of Ubisoft, the team has been selected by the game development company to provide a decentralized storage system for dynamic NFTs on Ubisoft Quartz. has also worked closely with Polygon, Request Network and Neon Labs, a recent partner who, through their partnership with, will provide a solution for EVM-compliant applications to seamlessly integrate with the ecosystem. of Solana.

In addition, he indicated that, as part of the strategic round, several investors are committing to provide infrastructure to support the network and, as the network continues to expand, Schemoul and his team hope that the recent financing round will incentivize more contributing operators. to join the network.

“ partnerships throughout 2021 speak to industry-wide demand for decentralized indexing, processing power, and storage solutions (…) Until the full stack supports computing and processing power is decentralized, Web3 will depend on a small number of service providers.’s efforts benefit the industry as a whole and for this reason we are proud to contribute to the increased effort and movement towards a truly decentralized full stack architecture”, said investor Rennick Palley, founding partner of Stratos Technologies in a statement.

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