Alchemy integrated its Ethereum API into Fei Labs

Alchemy announced last Thursday, April 1, through its Twitter account, its association with Fei Protoco, which is why it integrated its Ethereum API into Fei Labs. In its opinion, with the beginning of its genesis this week, “we are very excited to help them accelerate the adoption of their new stablecoin platform”.

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“Blockchain development platform Alchemy has integrated its supercharged Ethereum API and essential development tools into Fei Labs as they aim to be the stablecoin for DeFi users around the world”, he said via his website.

The company explained that, with the launch of the genesis of the Fei Protocol this week, the core development team is on track to have solved the “most important aspect of DeFi: access to a decentralized, fair, liquid and scalable stablecoin”.

According to the company, the new and “elegant” mechanism of “direct incentives” of the Protocol may finally be the mechanism of stability that offers a high-fidelity linkage. “A solution of this magnitude would propel the entire ecosystem forward, something that recent Fei Labs backers like a16z (Andreessen Horowitz) and Coinbase Ventures also acknowledge,” he said.

“Fei Labs’ unique solution to the notorious stablecoin problem could be one of the most important innovations for DeFi applications. Fei’s core team, Joey, Seb, and Brianna are a talented team, eager to see the vision come true. I am very excited to see all the amazing products your team sends to the ecosystem”, said Paul Almasi, co-creator of Alchemy Amplify.

In his view, with Fei Labs users “will have access to one of the most scalable Ethereum APIs, which will allow Fei Labs to provide the best DeFi user experience to everyone around the world”.

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“Building on Web 3.0 is generally difficult, especially in terms of tight timelines and the size of the Fei Labs release. Alchemy not only has a best-in-class solution but is also there to support the Fei Protocol as if it were an extension. from the core development team, which is invaluable to us as we seek to be the stablecoin for DeFi and beyond”, said Sebastian Delgado, co-founder of Fei Protocol.

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