Alchemy announced partnership with Optimism

Alchemy announced last Tuesday, June 22, through its Twitter account, its new partnership with Optimism, to help promote the Optimistic Ethereum ecosystem.

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“Optimistic Ethereum, one of the most anticipated Layer 2 solutions for Ethereum, will be officially supported by Alchemy’s development platform, allowing developers around the world to reliably take advantage of Optimism’s scaling capabilities”, he said. through an article published on their website.

Why Optimistic Ethereum?

According to the company, the Optimism team is at the forefront in creating innovative technology to solve some of the biggest challenges blockchain developers face. Today those challenges are often gas-related costs and limitations and speed of transactions.

In his view, the team has designed a system that allows instant transactions on Ethereum. With higher performance, lower latency, and lower costs, your network will help Ethereum teams reach new scales. Even at the time of writing, Optimism gas costs are up to 35 times cheaper than Ethereum gas costs.

In addition, he assured that Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM) is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing Ethereum developers to migrate existing smart contracts without breaking them.

“Optimistic Ethereum is poised to make a massive impact in the blockchain world with transformational technology, and it has a talented team making it happen. We are excited to help drive the growth of the ecosystem”, added Nikil Viswanathan, CEO of Alchemy.

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For his part, Jinglan Wang, CEO of Optimism, commented that “Alchemy is a world-class engineering team that provides critical infrastructure support to the Ethereum ecosystem. We are very happy to have your support on this crazy journey into the wild west of technology”.

And later?

The company indicated that once live, users will be able to create Optimism applications in Alchemy with just a few clicks, instantly unlocking the Alchemy Supernode and development tools that already power the most successful projects in Ethereum today.

“As the Optimism team continues to roll out their product across the testnet and mainnet, users can sign up for the waiting list today for early access opportunities and updates”, he said.

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